Mississippi's Barrier Islands

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I grew up in Georgia, graduated from Auburn University and Georgia Tech in electrical engineering, then worked in Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and then back to Mississippi where I am self employed as a consulting electrical engineer. I love the outdoors and enjoy paddling, camping, photography, and observing the beauty of nature. I have been a casual paddler for many years and have paddled most of the streams and waterways of Mississippi. In recent years I discovered one of Mississippi's greatest natural treasures, the Mississippi Barrier Islands. While researching the Islands, I found a fair amount of general information about the islands but very little specific information that a paddler, camper, or hiker needs to know. I created this web site to fill this gap in information and currently offer it free of charge. It is my intent to provide, in one place, everything one needs to know about visiting any of the Mississippi Barrier Islands.

I hope that you find the Guide useful. If you do, or if you have a question or request concerning the Guide or the Islands, please take a minute to let me know using the address shown in the picture below. Sorry, you can't copy and paste because it is a jpg file. You'll need to enter the address manually. I'm having to do this because the web bots are flooding my email with spam.


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