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Just off the coast of Mississippi lie five barrier islands separating the Gulf of Mexico from the Mississippi Sound. Stretching almost eighty miles across the entire Mississippi coast, like jewels on a transparent chain, they offer unique destinations of adventure. Petit Bois, Horn, East and West Ship, and parts of Cat Island are under the management of the National Park Service and are the treasures of the Gulf Islands National Seashore Park. The islands offer sparkling white sands, clear emerald waters, forested landscapes, grassy meadows, intriguing lagoons, and fertile coastal marshes. The diversity of habitat provides excellent fishing, refuge for wildlife, and rookeries for resident and migrating birds. The barrier islands are perfect for day trips, wilderness camping, hiking, snorkeling, surf fishing, swimming, photography, or a peaceful escape into a natural wilderness.

This web site provides practical and useful information to anyone planning a visit to the islands or simply seeking information. Specific information for kayakers, campers, hikers, and naturalists is included. Some of the information in the Guide is intentionally dated due to changing circumstances on the islands and will be modified and updated as needed. The latest revision date is shown at the top of the Guide. The photo galleries are continually updated and will be expanded in the future. You are free to view Guide to Mississippi Barrier Islands for your personal use. The Guide is copyrighted and any commercial use is prohibited. Reproduction of any portion of this web site including the galleries is restricted to your personal use. Your comments concerning the Guide content, quality, and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

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The Guide is comprehensive and includes suggested island destinations, launch points for kayakers, hiker information, maps, and full descriptions of what you'll find when you arrive. GPS coordinates and additional references are provided. Weather, water, wind, tide, and safety considerations are discussed along with many specific recommendations, suggestions and tips for the visitor. To enhance your visit, a brief history of each island is included.

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